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Speaking a computer's language

What language does a computer use?

Computers have language of their own. It is called Binary language.

It’s a very simple language with just 2 symbols – 0 and 1. A computer stores all information in the form of 0s and 1s.

So how does a computer understand anything?! 

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What are the symbols in the Binary language?

The English language has 26 alphabets A, B, C,D  till Z. Words and sentences are formed using  different combination of these symbols. Similarly a computer uses only 0 and 1! 

Everything that we enter into a computer is eventually translated to 0s and 1s. Numbers, Letters, pictures, videos, music everything you see on this page is internally translated to 0s and 1s

How does a computer translate to Binary?

A computer is a machine that runs on electricity. The language it speaks is also electrical.

o’s and 1’s are represented in a computer as electrical signals.

A 1 represents a high voltage of electricity and a 0 represents a low voltage of electricity

Binary language is very difficult for us to understand or use directly. So computer programming languages have been developed so that users can give instructions to the computer in a natural language which the computer then complies (or translates) to binary language and executes the instructions.

Some example of computer programming languages are JAVA, c++, C#. People use programming languages to build games, apps, websites and so many more things.