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Introducing Speadsheets

Spreadsheets (like Microsoft Excel, Google sheets etc) are used to store information and data. Once we have our information in a spreadsheet we can run powerful calculations, make graphs and charts and analyse patterns. They are used by teachers, librarians, company directors, accountants, investment bankers and even doctors.

You may have also seen that excel was recently being used (2020) for covid tracking! Article here.about how it all went rather wrong. So let's get started!

Suggested Video

Basic Layout

Differences in Use between Calc and Excel - Apache OpenOffice Wiki

Additional Resources

You can find some useful links for learning about spreadsheets (particualrly Microsoft Excel) below. Please also watch the recommended starting video series. 

Useful links:

BBC Bitesize Spreadsheets Theory

Free Excel Tutorial (includes all features)

Suggested Video learning series

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