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The absolute beginner's basics:

Printing, Comments and Identation

One of the first things you need to learn before you delve deeper into Python is that INDENTATION matters. It actually means something. When you indent a block of code inside another, it suggests 'belonging'. The video explains further and teaches you a few basics that will be immensely helpful as a foundation.

Three things to remember:

1. Indentation matters.

2. Comments are not part of the program but are important - you can think of them as notes that a programmer will leave to improve the maintainability of the code (or as reminders to himself/herself or others of what the code does!)

#This is a comment - it starts with a hash!

3. Printing: This command is used to print something to the screen - one of the first things you will learn to do:

print("I am printing something to the screen")

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