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IF statements, Loops and GetElementById

This learning JavaScript test will take you through the following concepts.

You can also watch the learning presentation video to gain an overview of the concepts and coding covered in this section.

IF statement challenge

If statements and conditional logic are one of the most important programming constructs.

CHALLENGE: Add code to this program, so that if the value of x (the block moving along the x axis) is less than 20, then the 'Welcome' message will turn to ' the left..'

Loops challenge

Loops are incredibly useful, if not downright magical, for when you wish to repeat a task several times. You'll come across them all the time in coding

CHALLENGE #1: Change just one thing in the code to make it print 10 blocks

CHALLENGE #2: Change the code so that it creates a horizontal block of 5 blocks (going across not down)

CHALLENGE #3: (Difficult!) Change the code so that it creates 20 tiny blocks going across: