Alan Turing

 1. Where was Alan Turing born?



  New York


 2. Which famous boarding school did he attend?





 3. What problem did Turing prove in 1936 cannot be solved by a computer?

  The Railway Problem

  The Signal Problem

  The Platform Problem

  The Halting Problem

 4. Where did Turing obtain his Phd?
John Von Neumann was in this university at the same time as Turing.
He was keen for Turing to stay on as his assistant!





 5. Which famous philosopher debated with Turing while they were both teaching at Cambridge?

  Martin Heidegger

  Ludwig Wittgenstein

  Michael Polanyi

  G.E. Moore

 6. Turing worked on code breaking at Bletchley Park during WW2. What nickname did they give him?

  The Enigma

  The Prof

  The Brain

  The Coder

 7. What was the name of the first machine devised by Turing to help break the Enigma code?

  The Mark I

  Analytical Engine

  The Decoder

  The Bombe

 8. Some of the papers written by Turing on code breaking were so important they were kept secret until 2012.



 9. He sometimes ran 60 miles from Bletchley Park to London to attend meetings.



 10. In what year was Alan Turing awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire)?
Note: Some records suggest a year that is one year earlier
than our suggested correct answer.

We are going with the official Gazette publication
and Wikipedia entry.