01 - GCSE Mock Exam 1 Past Paper Simulation

 1. Instructions / programs(currently running) / data are stored in the ______. These are fetched by the ______.(2 marks)

 2. Convert the binary number 01101001 to denary, showing your working. (2 marks)

 3. Convert the denary number 154 to binary. (1 mark)

 4. Adding these two 8 bit binary numbers together and representing the result as an 8 bit binary number would cause a problem. What is this called? (1 mark)

 5. Explain why data is stored in computers in a binary format. (2 marks)

 6. Eve is creating a website for a rock band. She is using hex to define the website's colours in the css style sheet. Why is hex preferred over binary? (1 mark)

 7. Explain why mobile phones that can send emojis would use Unicode instead of ASCII as their character set. (2 marks)

 8. Complete a 2 place right shift on the binary number 11001011.

 9. Explain the effect of performing a 2 place right shift on the binary number 11001011. (2 marks)

 10. Show the stages of a binary search to find the letter 'z' when applied to the data shown (4 marks)

 11. The following program takes a number as a parameter and returns the day of the week as a string. (only Mon-Fri) Fill in the blanks for A and B. Write your answers seperated by commas. (2 marks)

 12. A game on a computer allows a maximum of seven players. They are numbered 1 to 7 and stored in an array as shown. In this case the array is not 0 based so gameplayer(1) is Ruth. What will gameplayer(3) be? (1 mark)

 13. Referring to the context in the question above, describe what will happen if the code for the game includes an instruction to print the value of gameplayer(8). (2 marks)

 14. In the following function, Hannah has used a round down function. What does it do? Explain what would be returned on calling RoundDown(4.3)? (2 marks)
01	INPUT numberOfWords
02	INPUT numberOfChapters
03	CONST wordsPerPage = 300
04	numberOfPages = RoundDown(numberOfWords / wordsPerPage)
05	numberOfPages = numberOfWords + numberOfChapters
06	OUTPUT numberOfPages

 15. State which of the programming constructs the above algorithm uses? (sequence, selection or iteration). (1 mark)

 16. A famous author is updating his records and needs to store the name(s) of his book with the updated price. State suitable data types for name and price (2 marks)

 17. Name the constant used in the following program. What is its value? (2 marks)
Module constantsNenum
   Sub Main()
      Const PI = 3.14149
      Dim radius, area As Single
      radius = 7
      area = PI * radius * radius
      Console.WriteLine("Area = " & Str(area))
   End Sub
End Module

 18. Explain two reasons why using lossy compression is beneficial.(2 marks)

 19. Jonathan is researching how long, to the nearest minute, each student in his class spends doing Maths revision (Monday to Friday). In the 'Days of the week' column what is the 3 likely to represent? (1 mark)

 20. Refer to the image above. What type of data structure has been used to store the information? Use the full name and mention dimensions. (1 mark)

 21. Identify a data type that would be best used for storing minutes (in the table above) and explain why? (2 marks)

 22. Jonathan could use hundreds of variables to store each item of data. Why has he chosen to use this data structure (in question 19) instead? (2 marks)

 23. Mark has written a program to allow a user to enter the radius of a circle as a real number, between 1 and 100, and output the area of the circle. What should line 1 be changed to? (1 mark)
int radius=0
real area=0.0
input radius
if radius <1 OR radius >100 then
print("Sorry, invalid radius")
area=3.142*(radius to the power of 2)
end if

 24. Explain, using examples from the program, three ways Mark can improve the maintainability of the program (3 marks)

 25. A new startup company - Techogood - is considering how best to set up their network. Describe three benefits to Techogood using a client-server network instead of a peer-to-peer network (3 marks)