15 - Past Paper Simulation - Ethical/Legal (I)

 1. A lawyer installing a key logger on the secretary's computer is an example of the abuse of which act? (1 mark)

 2. Storing customer data insecurely is an example of a breach of what act? (1 mark)

 3. The following is an example of breaking the law according to which act? Using a picture for the law firm's new logo without the original creator's permission (1 mark)

 4. The following is an example of breaking the law according to which act? A secretary accessing a lawyer's personal email account without permission (1 mark)

 5. A school uses off the shelf, proprietary software for managing pupils' attendance, and customised, open source software for managing pupils' examinations. Describe the difference between proprietary and open source software. (2 marks)

 6. Explain one advantage to the manufacturer of providing proprietary software instead of open source software.(1 mark)

 7. Explain the legal issues that school should consider when choosing the software for managing pupils' attendance and examinations. (6 marks)

 8. The A&E department of a hospital uses a computer system to decide the order in which patients are treated. Describe advantages of using a computer system instead of a person to decide the order, and the need for reliability. (6 marks)

 9. Even though the computer devices they own still work, people often buy the most up-to-date models, such as the latest smartphone. Discuss the impact of people wanting to upgrade in terms of ethical and environmental issues (6 marks)

 10. Lauren is a teacher. She is building a website for her class so they can share ideas, send each other programs and discuss.The students will have individual accounts that they can log into.Discuss the ethical and legal implications (6 marks)