07 - Past Paper Simulation - Systems Software (I)

 1. State the purpose of systems software (2 marks)

 2. Which of the following is NOT an example of systems software (1 mark)
a) Operating system
b) Application
d) Kernel
e) Utility

 3. Singer and song-writer Michael W Smith buys a new computer with an operating system and some utilities. State two functions of the operating system. (2 marks)

 4. A small chinese fast-food cafe has a computer-based ordering system which is running slowly. A technician has said that the hard disc drive is fragmented. What sort of software could be used to solve this problem? (1 mark)

 5. Explain how defragmentation software could overcome the issue of the slow computer system.(3 marks)

 6. Keen programmer,John, buys a new computer with an operating system and some utilities. State two utility programs that are used for security (2 marks)

 7. State two utility programs that are used for disk organisation (2 marks)

 8. A leading software company is releasing bible analytics software and making it open source. Describe what is meant by open source software.(2 marks)

 9. Jonathan buys a new laptop with a system information utility and a diagnosis utility. Describe, using examples, the purpose of the system information utility (1 mark)

 10. Describe,using an example, the purpose of the diagnosis utility (1 mark)

 11. Security on a computer can be provided directly by the operating system or by using utility programs. Identify and describe two methods by which the operating system can provide additional security directly.(2 marks)

 12. A computerised bidding (for antique items) company has a computer that is running very slowly. A consultant has suggested that the hard disc drive is fragmented. Explain how the hard disc could have become fragmented (2 marks)
Note: Utility software could be used to resolve these problems

 13. A large college uses off the shelf, proprietary software for managing pupils' attendance, and customised, open source software for managing pupils' examinations. Describe the difference between proprietary and open source software.(2 marks)

 14. Explain one advantage to the manufacturer of providing proprietary software instead of open source software.(1 mark)

 15. Describe the purpose of the file manager and the process manager.Mention the the three states that the file manager can set in terms of assigning permissions for files (5 marks)