20 - Past Paper Simulation -Data Rep(I) #2

 1. Convert the Denary (Decimal) number 3 into Binary. Use two bits in your answer. (1 mark)

 2. Binary additon is similar in some ways but different from the sort of addition we do with decimal numbers. Using Binary addition what is 1+0? (1 mark)

 3. In Binary addition what is 1+1? Write the result and mention what number is carried over as well. E.g. 1 carry 1. (2 marks)

 4. In Binary addition what is 1+1+1? What goes in a) and what goes in b) (2 marks)

 5. In the following example, what are the values of a and b? (1 mark)

 6. Why do programmers prefer to work with Hex as opposed to binary? (2 marks)

 7. In a bitmap image, it is possibe to store letters in a table, where each letter represents a colour. Explain how a bitmap image is stored in a computer (2 marks)

 8. Explain how reducing the number of colours in an image can reduce its file size. (2 marks)

 9. Explain why mobile phones that can send emoji would use Unicode instead of ASCII as their character set.(2 marks)

 10. Name three reasons for compressing files (advantages of compression) (3 marks)