07 - Past Paper Simulation -Comp Systems (A)#1

 1. State one input device that will be used in the system and give its purpose. (2 marks)
Hannah's newly installed pond contains tropical fish. 
The water must be maintained at a constant temperature. 
A computer system is put in to maintain the required 
temperature of the water.

 2. State one output device that will be used in the system (tropical pond controlled by a computer) and give its purpose. (2 marks)

 3. State a storage device that will be used with the tropical pond system system and identify the data that it will hold. (2 marks)

 4. Explain the need for real-time processing in this application (this question also refers to the tropical pond system).(2 marks)

 5. State the name of a sensor or input device the phone might use when playing London Mobile Rock hunt and explain why it might be used. (2 marks)
The London Mobile Rock Hunt is a game played on a 
mobile phone. 

The game shows the user's position on a map of their 
local area. Coloured Rocks (with messages) randomly 
appear on the map and  users must move to the appropriate 
area to collect the rock before it disappears.

 6. Modern computers tend to have magnetic or solid state (flash) hard drives. Discuss which hard drive you would recommend for a keen video games player to use on their desktop PC. Describe the features of each as well as uses and advantages (4 marks)
Write your best attempt at an answer and compare it to the suggested mark scheme phrases and listed possible factors. 

 7. Computer software is used in Physics lessons to teach students about gravity and other worlds/planets. State the purpose of an input device in a computer system when using this software.(1 mark)

 8. State the purpose of an output device in a computer system when using this gravity simulation and lesson teaching software. (1 mark)

 9. Describe one advantage of the digital camera used by the WeMoveYou delivery drivers using flash storage rather than magnetic storage. (2 marks)
WeMoveYou are a new delivery company and they 
send packages across the country. To prove 
packages have not been damaged in transit, 
the drivers use a digital camera to take a 
photograph of them when they arrive at their

The digital camera uses flash memory.

 10. A company TECHTIME is competing against Apple to design a new low-power processor to be used in a smartwatch. The watch contains ROM and RAM. State two ways in which ROM differs from RAM.(2 marks)

 11. TECHTIME is deciding what the ROM on the smartwatch will do and what it will contain. Give an example of what the ROM on the smartwatch might hold (1 mark)

 12. Adele captures photos of foxes in the wild. She uses a digital camera and laptop to use on shoots. She edits these photos at the office. Name an output device Adele may have in her office and what she might use it for. (2 marks)

 13. It is a little known fact that many printers have their own on-board RAM. State what the printers' RAM is used for. (1 mark)

 14. The Getfit bracelet device stores its data on flash memory. Explain why flash storage would be more appropriate than a magnetic hard drive for this device.(2 marks)

 15. Describe a sensor that the GetFit bracelet device might include to help monitor calories burnt.(2 marks)
Interestingly,the guidance suggests that an answer stating
"movement sensor or motion sensor" would not be accepted,
so be specific!