07 - Past Paper Simulation - Storage (I)

 1. Ozan has a handheld e-book reader that allows him to store and read electronic books.State which type of storage is most suitable for storing the electronic books inside the e-book reader.(1 mark)

 2. In reference to the question above, explain one reason why this type of storage is the most suitable (1 mark)

 3. Solomon's computer company produces secondary storage devices. Most computer systems use at least one storage device. Explain one reason why a secondary storage device is needed in most computer systems.(1 mark)

 4. Zackie has been on holiday to Rome and has hundreds of photos. The memory in his camera is now full and he needs to transfer her photos to an external secondary storage device.Define what is meant by "secondary storage".(1 mark)

 5. The memory in Peace's camera is now full and she needs to transfer her photos to an external secondary storage device. Identify the three common storage technologies Peace can choose from (3 marks)

 6. James wants to invest in an external storage drive to store his film collection. State four characteristics of secondary storage devices that James should consider when choosing a device.(4 marks)

 7. David's law firm is tired of an unstable and unreliable network. Explain two advantages to the law firm of storing their data in the cloud.(2 marks)

 8. Cloud storage isn't perfect! Explain two disadvantages to the law firm of storing their data in the cloud.(2 marks)

 9. A computer has 1024 megabytes of RAM. How many gigabytes of RAM does the computer have? (1 mark)

 10. Some secondary storage devices are magnetic and others are solid state. Describe the characteristics of magnetic and solid state secondary storage.(6 marks)

 11. Identify three internal components that are not in the below list which could improve the performance of the computers. (3 marks)
Clock Speed (Clock)
Cache Size (Cache)
No. of Cores (Processor Cores)

 12. Ike purchases a 4GB SD card for use as secondary storage in his phone. Calculate how many megabytes there are in 4GB. Show your working. (2 marks)

 13. An SD card is a type of solid state storage. State two advantages of solid state storage compared to magnetic storage.(2 marks)

 14. Jemma's computer has both solid state drives and magnetic hard disk drives. Give two reasons why desktop computers have a magnetic hard disk drive and a solid state drive instead of having just a solid state drive (2 marks)

 15. The main memory of a typical PC consists of both volatile memory and non-volatile memory. Explain what is meant by the term volatile memory. What is stored here? (2 marks)