19 - Past Paper Simulation -Data Rep (I) #1

 1. Reuben is a recording artist and plays the trumpet. Outline what happens when the computer converts his music into a digital file (2 marks)

 2. Reuben's friend Noah decides that he wants to increase the sample rate his computer is using to record the trumpet. Explain two effects this will have on Reuben's recording (2 marks)

 3. Reuben decides that he wants to email his amazing recording to a record label (owned by George Nonovello). He uses lossy compression to produce this music file. Explain two reasons why lossy compression could be beneficial? (2 marks)

 4. Of the following, which is the smallest in terms of memory?
bit, byte, nibble, GB, TB, PB

 5. Convert the decimal number 191 into an 8 bit binary number (1 mark)

 6. Convert the hexadecimal number 3E into a decimal number. You must show your working in the actual exam. (1 marks)

 7. Add together the following two 8 bit binary numbers. Express your response in an 8 bit binary form. (1 mark)

 8. Adding the following binary numbers together presents a problem. What is it called? (1 mark)
0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 
1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 

What problem does adding
these two numbers together cause?

 9. Complete a 2 place right shift on the binary number 11001011. (1 mark)

 10. Explain the effect of performing a 2 place right shift on the binary number 11001011 (2 marks)

 11. Explain why data is stored in computers in a binary format? (2 marks)

 12. In the ASCII character set, the character codes for the first three capital letters are given below. State how the ASCII character set is used to represent text in a computer (1 mark)
A = 0100 0001
B = 0100 0010
C = 0100 0011

 13. Grace wishes to convert the word CAB into binary using the ASCII character set. What would the result be? (give your answer in a binary sequence) (1 mark)

 14. Explain why the ASCII character set is not suitable for representing text in all the languages of the world.(2 marks)

 15. Describe Unicode in terms of how many bits it is and what it can do as compared to ASCII (2 marks)

 16. Rufus wishes to store a bitmap image on his computer. An image file may contain metadata. What is metadata? Explain using an example (2 marks)

 17. Convert 26 in Decimal into Hexadecimal (1 mark) Note: in the exam you would get an additional mark for showing your working.

 18. C in Hexadecimal is ______ in Decimal. (convert C from Hex to Decimal) (1 mark). Note: You must always show your working clearly in an exam.

 19. Rhianna wishes to send an extremely sensitive and confidential document (in which the original must be preserved) to her friend Zoe. Explain why she would be unlikely to use lossy compression? (2 marks)

 20. John wishes to record a physics lecture but he needs the file size to be small so that he can email the file easily to his friend Tom. Explain, in terms of sampling, what he would do to ensure a smaller file size? (1 mark)