07 - Past Paper Simulation - Wireless (A)

 1. Read the excerpt below. Why must the school use a gateway instead of a router to connect to the internet? (1 mark)
William has created a system that will be networked 
within his school and will then be connected to the 
Internet so that staff who are away from campus can 
log in and access the system. 

This connection has to use a gateway.

Can you explain why a gateway rather than a router
is to be used in this situation?

 2. Daniel is working on his new website in a cafe using WIFI.Comment on the security of wireless communication compared to communication using cables (1 mark)

 3. Mr Arzomand has come in to advise the cafe on measures that the wireless access point could use to improve network security. Name two measures that he was likely to have suggested. (2 marks)

 4. Read the excerpt below. Explain how the CSMA/CD method is used, including what happens in the event of a collision occurring. Use full sentences and specialist vocabulary. (6 marks)
The computers in segment 192.168.1 use Carrier Sense
Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) 
to determine when to transmit data.

An expert by the name of Gopala was flown in to
help explain how the CSMA/CD method is used, with
a particular emphasis on what happens in the event
of a collision occuring.

 5. Dimitrie and Joshua are debating about whether browsing the Internet is slower at a public hotspot in a cafe or at home on a wireless network. It is indeed slower in a cafe! Can you explain why? (2 marks)

 6. Network manager Ben explains to trainee staff Joseph the role of a service set identifier (SSID) in wireless networking and why some network administrators turn off SSID broadcasting. What three points does he make? (3 marks)
Explain what SSID is, how it works, and why it may be useful to turn broadcasting off.

 7. Engineers Varun and Abishek are called in to explain what happens in positions 1 and 2 in the diagram shown below. (2 marks)
This diagram illustrates a very simple state transition 
diagram of the CSMA / CA wireless network access method 
without use of request to send / clear to send (RTS / CTS).

 8. Andrew and Shivam use the internet every day but have no real idea what it is. Can you help them define it succinctly. What is the internet? (1 mark)

 9. Mathusan is advising Nilesh on the hardware that will be required on each stand-alone PC in his company in order to connect it to a LAN via cables. Name the main bit of hardware required. (1 mark)

 10. What is a protocol and why is it needed for a wide area network? (2 mark)