11 - Past Paper Simulation - Networks (A)

 1. Why is browsing the Internet often slower at a public hotspot in a cafe as compared to at home on a wireless network. (2 marks)

 2. Adam is creating a system that should allow administration of student courses to be used in an office in a college. Read the excerpt below and answer the question (2 marks)
The system must allow users at twelve workstations to access 
and update a central database

Adam is deciding between a peer-to-peer or a server-based network.

Explain why a server-based network is likely to be more appropriate 
than a peer-to-peer network in this particular context.

 3. A small business has several computers in an office connected to form a network as shown below. What is the name of this toplogy? (1 mark)

 4. State one advantage of using a star network over the one you have named above (1 mark)

 5. Explain the differences between client-server and peer-to-peer networking (4 marks)

 6. Describe what is meant by local area network. (1 mark)

 7. What is the internet? (1 mark)

 8. What is the following an example of? (1 mark)

 9. The range described is referring to the format and range available to: (1 mark)
Any valid address in the range to

 10. Why is a protocol needed for a wide area network? (1 mark)

 11. The diagram shows part of the logical layout of a LAN with several PCs connected using a topology. The network is split into two segments linked by a bridge. Why is a split sometimes necessary/useful? (1 mark)

 12. Explain why the performance of a bus local area network such as Ethernet degrades with increase in network traffic. (2 marks)

 13. A business has eight stand-alone computers which staff use for writing letters and accessing the product catalogue, stored in a database. A copy of the database is stored on each machine. Why would a LAN be suitable? (2 marks)

 14. What extra hardware is needed on each stand-alone PC in order to connect it to a LAN via cables? (1 mark)

 15. State one advantage of a star network over a bus network (1 mark)

 16. State one advantage of a bus network over a star network. (1 mark)

 17. What is an intranet? (2 marks)

 18. What is the long form for TCP in TCP/IP? (1 mark)

 19. Invented in the 1880s, "coax" was best known as the kind of cable that connected television sets to home antennas. Coaxial cable is also a standard for 10 Mbps _______cables

 20. Two primary types of twisted pair cable industry standards have been defined: Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP). Modern______ cables use UTP wiring due to its lower cost