07 - Designing queries (simple)

 1. Click the _______________ to create a query in Design view. You could also use the Query Wizard button next to it to launch the Query Wizard, however, Design view gives you more control over the query.

  Table Design button

  redirect button

  Form button

  Query Design button

 2. The Show Table dialog allows you to choose ___________ to include in the query. You can also include other queries to use within a query.

  which data elements

  which forms

  which fields

  which tables

 3. Searching a database of North Carolina counties by using the statement, “all counties with a population of greater than two million” will include:

  Counties with more than two million

  Counties with two million or more

  Counties with exactly two million people

  Counties with less than two million

 4. How would you find the phone number of one student from 500 names and addresses of students enrolled at your school?

  Perform a search of all boys in the database

  Sort the database in descending order

  Sort the database and scroll all records

  Perform a search using the student’s name as the criteria

 5. Query Design View allows you to specify the _____________ for the query. You can choose which tables are shown in the results, which fields to use, add filtering criteria, and more.

  exact forms

  forms used

  reports used

  precise criteria

 6. Clicking the Run button will __________. Clicking the Datasheet view button next to it will also ______________.

  create an alert so that the query does not overwrite itself

  delete the query

  run the query

  find the table specified

 7. You can ________________________ to modify your query. Design view allows you to specify the exact criteria for your query.

  go back and forth between Datasheet view and Design view

  delete all tables in order

  click the delete query or edit query button

  click the run or datasheet button

 8. What does this particular query do?
go back and forth between Datasheet view and Design view.png

  Filter the results to only those with a price over a certain amount (80000)

  Ensure that the query does not exceed a time limit of 80000 seconds

  Ensure that at least 80000 records are displayed on running the query

  Filter the results to show only the first 80000 results in the table

 9. What does this particular query with Is Null criteria do?

  Returns all the Customer IDs in the table that start with 0

  Returns all the NULL, that is empty records, or empty lines in the database tables

  Returns all the records in the table which do not have a Customer ID

  Returns all the tables in the database that have a Customer ID that is equal to NULL (which is an ID itself)

 10. This query will return a list of all the records that contain the city Melbourne that are NOT of the Hotel accomodation type. Only one criteria can be used in a query.