03 - Table Basics

 1. ____ can be described as raw facts and figures. _____ is essentially meaningless until it is processed and made meaningful in a context.





 2. When____ is processed, organized, structured or presented in a given context so as to make it useful, it is called _______.

  information / data

  facts / data

  information / wisdom

  data / information

 3. Tables are perhaps the most important of database objects. A table is where__________________.

  data is stored

  the main programmig of the interface is done

  queries are both created and formed

  reports are generated

 4. Tables are made of rows and columns with cells in the places where rows and columns intersect. Fill in the blanks.
In Access, rows and columns are referred to as ____________________.

  records and files

  records and fields

  files and fields

  cells and rules

 5. Which of the following statements is correct?
Note: A field is a way of organizing information by type. Think of the field name as a question and every cell within that field as a response to that question.

  In this table, there are several fields including: Amsterdam, Netherlands and 812

  In this table, the fields are: City, Country and Number

  In this database, the fields range from 1 to 12 and A B C D

  In this field, there are three table names: City, Country and Number

 6. In this example, an example of a record is all the cells (from 'Country' to 'Switzerland') in column A (i.e Column 1)
Note: A record is one unit of information. Every cell on a given row is part of that row's record. 



 7. When editing a table (e.g. changing the data type of a particular field) you need to do so in the datasheet view.



 8. In the following example, an ideal primary key would be:





 9. A primary key can be defined as a _____________________.

  unique key field (a table will never have two of these that are the same)

  a numeric key field (a number that is always the same and can identify every single record)

  a secure key field (all records will have a key that locks them with primary security)

  an identical key field (all records will have the same primary key)

 10. On setting up a table it is important to create each field with an appropriate data type. What is an appropriate data type for telephone number?
e.g. Telephone Number 1: 0073737173473; Telephone Number 2: +33 4384828348238





 11. When a database has two related tables, the primary key that is present in another table is called a:

  duplicate key

  second key

  secondary key

  foreign key

 12. Analyse the three tables shown below and decide which of the following statements is correct.

  Only StudentID is a primary key

  RoomName and Floor are foreign keys

  StudentID and RoomID are foreign keys in the TblRoomStudent table

  Room ID is a secondary key as it comes after StudentID in creation