10 - Sorting and Filtering in Excel

 1. Excel offers a variety of sorting and filtering tools to help you refine your data and keep it _______.





 2. A company has a spreadsheet containing all the orders customers have made over the last month. They may want to sort by:

  letters contained in each order ID

  alphabetical order

  number of words in each order

  date of the order

 3. Sorting means rearranging the rows based on ____________. For example, you may want to sort a column in alphabetical order.

  a number value only

  a letter value alone

  some specific criteria

  a report

 4. The following table contains the data of a real estate company. Each item in the Header Row of the table contains a drop down arrow. The drop down arrows are known as _______ buttons.





 5. The image below shows a spreadsheet that is sorted.



 6. If a student sorted the following in descending order, which international capital would be first?





 7. When the data in one column is related to the data in the remaining columns of the table, you will need to ________ the selection.





 8. The filter feature applies a ____________to each column heading, allowing you to select specific choices to narrow a table.

  manual sort

  drop down menu



 9. In addition to the right-click menu sorting option and the Filter tool on the Data ribbon, Excel has a Sort & Filter tool that allows for __________.

  custom sorting


  sorting by alphabetical order only

  finding a specific item

 10. For a __________, click the arrow below the Sort & Filtering icon in the Editing Group of the Home Ribbon and choose the Sort A to Z / Z to A icons in the Sort & Filter Group of the Data Ribbon.

  slow sort

  report creation sort

  quick sort

  query sort