03 - Editing cells in Excel & Formatting

 1. The first step to creating an effective spreadsheet is entering and editing data. What does arrow 1 do, if applied to a cell?
Please note: The following image will be used as the context for
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  allows the user to fill the cell with a particular colour

  changes the colour of the text

  paints the ribbon a particular colour

  changes the color of the border lines

 2. If you write a number in a cell and apply the tool on arrow 2, what would happen to the data in the cell?

  The cell would be split into several lines and sub-cells

  The cell contents would be struck through with a line

  The cell contents (e.g. number) would be moved to the centre

  The cell contents would be deleted

 3. The Wrap text features allows a user to wrap extra long text into multiple lines in the same cell so you can see all of it.
Note: In reference to arrow no. 3



 4. Adam writes a number down in a cell and applies the tool that arrow no. 4 is pointing to. What options does this tool provide?

  Coverting any numbers in cells to text

  Formatting cells as dollars, euros, pounds or other currency

  Coverting any text in a cell into a lower case equivalent

  Colouring in cells if they are over a particular number

 5. Seth is creating a spreadsheet that tracks his Chemistry class and records their scores in percentage format. Which tool would he apply to cells to format with percent?

  Arrow no.6

  Arrow no.7

  Arrow no. 4

  Arrow no. 5

 6. Kara writes the number '7,053' in a cell, and then clicks on the tool that arrow no.6 is pointing to. What happens to the number 7.053?

  A decimal place would be added, so a zero would be added to the end

  One of the decimal places is removed so the number woul d become: 7.05

  Three zeroes would be added to the end of the number

  The number would be automatically divided by zero to give zero

 7. The Insert tool (arrow no. 7) allows you to insert (add) cells, sheets, columns and rows.



 8. If a user wished to change the height of a row (row height), which tool would be used?

  None of the listed options are valid answers

  The Insert tool (arrow 7)

  The Wrap Text tool (arrow 3)

  The format tool (arrow 8)

 9. What is the cell reference number of the cell pointed out by the arrow no. 9?





 10. Hannah wants to store the postcodes of all the companies she has recently visited in a spreadsheet. Which of the following options (for formatting the cells) would be best?
Note: The user can right click on the cell to get the format type options