02 - What is Email?

 1. Electronic mail or email is a means of sending messages, text, and computer files __________________________.

  between people via the air.

  between big companies only, e.g google and facebook.

  between computers via the internet.

  between satellites via a central computer.

 2. At its core, an email is simply a text message from one user to another. It is also possible to send ____________ like images, documents and videos.


  physical parcels

  coins (physical money)

  air waves

 3. Examples of email providers (also called email clients) are:

  Facebook, Whatsap p and Snapchat

  Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail

  Email,Femail and Mail

  Phone lines, Physical lines and cables

 4. Which of the following is NOT a valid email address?
 5. Your email client can be web-based, meaning you check it through your ________(examples include Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail) or it can be an application on your computer (like Outlook)


  wifi connection

  phone line

  super computer

 6. Webmail is accessed through a web browser and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.



 7. Client-based email is often used by business users and involves the email being downloaded from a server to an application (such as Microsoft Outlook)



 8. Email addresses have a domain name which is after the @ sign.



 9. The last part of the address indicates where the address is registered such as (for the___________) or .fr (France)



  United Kingdom

  United States

 10. Email has been going for hundreds of years. The first email was sent by an old English King in the early 1300s.