04 - Cyber Bullying

 1. Who can cyber bully you?

  Only people who know you

  Only adults / grownups

  Anyone with an internet connection!

  Only people above the age of 12

 2. Which of these would NOT be considered cyber bullying?

  Sending hurtful emails

  Posting embarrasing and shaming images of someone on social media

  Calling someone names in the playground

  Calling someone names in a gaming chat room

 3. What is cyber bullying?

  Bullying that occurs in a public place, like school

  Bullying done by computers (cyborgs)

  Bullying that only happens once

  Bullying that occurs online (over the internet)

 4. If someone sends you a nasty message online, what should you NOT do?

  Save it

  Delete it

  Show it to a parent or carer

  Show it to a teacher

 5. If someone posts a picture or video of someone else online that might upset them, what should you do?

  Ignore it

  Like it

  Share it

  Tell an adult (parent, carer, teacher)

 6. Which of the following is NOT recommended for you to do online (especially as a young child)?

  Having a very long and secure password

  Being friends (on social media) with people you know and trust in real life

  Keeping your personal information private online

  Making friends with lots of random strangers

 7. What should you do to someone that is cyber bullying you?

  Block them

  Tell an adult

  Bully them back

  Tell your friends

 8. Hurtful behaviour done over the internet through emails, social media platforms or even gaming chat is cyber bullying.



 9. Phone calls, text messages and face-to-face name calling is also considered cyber bullying.



 10. People who cyberbully often don't see the reaction of those experiencing it so it can sometimes be harder for them to see the ________________________.

  goodness of their deeds

  happiness that is received

  truth of their beliefs

  impact of their actions