03 - Should I trust everything I read on the web?

 1. True or False. Everything on the world wide web is completely 100% reliable and accurate.



 2. When you search for something online, remember that the _________ that appear may be paid for by companies who are advertising their sites. Scroll down to see what else is there!

  top and first few links

  bottom links

  last links

  invisible links

 3. One way of checking if a site's material is genuine is to see if you trust the _____________.

  name of the website designer

  font and font size (e.g. Arial) of the page

  colour of the page

  domain name (e.g

 4. Similar to most non-fiction books that you get from a library, every single website is checked regularly for accuracy.



 5. If you are in doubt about how reliable a piece of content is you can check it by _________________.
If they all say the same thing it is probably accurate. This is called ?verification?.

  emailing your country's government website administrator.

  asking your computer science teacher (they usually know everything)

  asking your grandparents to confirm.

  looking at other sites to verify the information.

 6. Some websites might be biased or could give only one side of an argument. These sites might present their opinion as _____.

  religious beliefs




 7. Which website from the following list is likely to be the most reliable in terms of bias and content?
Social Media Post
Personal Blog Page
Small town news site

  Personal Blog Page and Small Town news site

  None of the items on the list are likely to be completely unbiased information


  Social Media Post

 8. Often, you'll find that companies or even individuals have an __________. Knowing this ________ may help you make a judgement about the content given on their site.





 9. Sometimes websites are simply not _____________. This means that their information is irrelevant or likely to be old.

  up to date


  in English

  virus checked

 10. As a rule, especially in this day and age of fake news, it is important to check out and verify all you read online.