02 - What are viruses and malware

 1. Viruses and spyware can __________________________.

  attack your body (via the skin)

  attack your home (bricks and mortar)

  attack you via the air (wi-fi radiation)

  attack your computer.

 2. Opening email attachments such as .exe files should be done with great caution as they could be infected.



 3. Malware, short for malicious software, is a kind of software that can be installed on a computer _______________ from the computer's owner.

  with full approval

  without approval

  with useful content

  with instructions

 4. There are different kinds of malware that can hurt computers, such as viruses and spyware.



 5. When_________________ is not installed, malware can get into the computer.

  the Internet

  Google Chrome

  Microsoft Office

  security software (anti virus or anti malware)

 6. There are a lot of ways malware can get onto someone's computer. One common way is through _______________.

  hand to hand contact

  bodily fluids

  email attachments

  saliva (spit)

 7. Sometimes a victim gets malware just by _______________________________________. This is called drive-by downloading.

  going to a website with the malware hidden on it

  touching a computer with a USB

  connecting to a wi-fi router

  breathing in the air

 8. Viruses are a kind of malware that need a user-run program to work. They _______________ or move from one computer to another without a program to host them.

  eaily spread

  can copy themselves

  only copy themselves with permission

  cannot copy themselves

 9. Worms are a lot like viruses. However, they're able to move through the internet and _____________________________________________.

  do so through the air (e.g through wifi radiation)

  even cause people to die.

  copy themselves but only with help from a host program.

  copy themselves onto computers without help from a host program.

 10. Antivirus software updates frequently to add to a _____________________________________.

  government check list in the United States.

  super computer's hard drive.

  pre-existing list of known viruses and their behaviours.

  book that is held in the British Museum in London, United Kingdom.

 11. Trojan horses are like a much more dangerous version of a virus. They need a ___________________ to work and cannot copy themselves from one computer to another.
Interesting note: The Trojan Horse is a story from the Trojan War about the 
subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the independent 
city of Troy and win the war. In the canonical version, after
 a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge 
wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside including 

  very hot environment

  small animal or actual human

  wifi router

  user to agree to run a program

 12. Adware is a type of malware that earns the program authors money with ____________. These programs show users ads and force them to use websites that make money for the malware writers.

  legal and useful help




 13. Spyware is a more dangerous kind of adware that steals more information from a user. Spyware can steal someone's Internet traffic and account passwords.



 14. Malware can also get onto a computer if it tricks a user into putting it there themselves. This can happen when a user plugs in a_____________ that has a virus on it already.

  USB flash drive

  tap or filter


  wi-fi router

 15. Antivirus software protects your computer from online attacks using a variety of methods. One key way is on-access scanning.