01 - What is a Robot?

 1. Robots are essentially ________. There are lots of types of robots. They move in different ways and do all kinds of jobs.





 2. Because a robot is not alive, we have to ________ it to do things. It only does what we tell it to do





 3. A robot can also be described as "an artificial agent", meaning it acts as a substitute for a person, doing things it is designed for.



 4. Robots are usually machines __________ by a computer program or electronic circuitry. They may be directly controlled by humans.





 5. Most robots do a specific job, and they ______________ like humans. They can come in many forms

  love, adore and

  do not always look

  always look

  never look

 6. Many __________ use robots to do hard work quickly and without many mistakes. They do not look like people and perform tasks. These are 'industrial' robots

  internal organs

  musical instruments



 7. A few robots do surgery in places inside the body where a human hand is too big.



 8. Planet ______ are robots for exploring distant planets.





 9. The quadrupedal military robot Cheetah, an evolution of BigDog (pictured), was clocked as the world's fastest legged robot in 2012.



 10. An ________, or robot designed to resemble a human, can appear comforting to some people and disturbing to others