01 - Understanding the Internet

 1. The word 'Internet' is an amalgamation (connection) of two words. International and _________.





 2. The internet belongs to the United States of America and China.



 3. Decide whether the statement below is true or false.
Unlike the telephone network, which for years in most countries was run by a single company, the global Internet consists of tens of thousands of interconnected networks run by service providers, individual companies, universities, governments, and others



 4. The internet is made up of ________________ all over the world that are digitally connected to each other by cable, fibre or wireless links.

  millions or billions of computers

  millions of sattelite dishes

  hundreds or thousands of cell based nodes

  millions or billions of atoms

 5. You can use the internet to __________________, communicate with people, download pictures and videos, listen to music or do lots of other amazing things.

  build physical houses

  browse websites

  discover the unknown secrets of the universe

  fly into space

 6. Let?s imagine you are visiting a webpage with an image on it. How does the image get to your computer?
Note: The answer will describe the first step involved.

  The image is stored in the air waves. Your computer collects the particles and puts them together.

  The image is hosted on a remote mountain in America. Your computer connects to it via wireless.

  The image is hosted on Google's space shuttle. Your computer retrieves it through the air.

  The image is hosted on a web server. Your computer sends a request to the web server for the image.

 7. Your home or school or home computer is likely to get its internet connection from an ISP. What does ISP stand for?

  International Service Plank

  Internet Service Provider

  Internet Solitude Pretender

  Internet Street Point

 8. We send "requests" to a web server all the time. The request is sent in a _______. A ________ is like a virtual parcel which has lots of important information attached to it.




  binary letter

 9. Just like how humans have names, every computer system (including phones) have a number that is their unique name. These are called:

  ip addresses

  bit coin numbers

  mac numbers

  minecraft bits

 10. The two most important bits of information are the IP address of the web server that the image is stored on and the IP address of ________________.

  Google's computer

  your computer

  the world

  the telephone in your house

 11. The Internet is said to have began (had its origins) with some military computers in the Pentagon (in America). It was called the _______________ in 1969.





 12. Have a look at the image below. What are these called? (Hint: You need them to browse the world wide web).

  internet people

  web browsers

  internet icons

  web emojis

 13. The internet and the WWW are the same thing.



 14. America and Iran have been warring over who will own the internet, but America currently owns it.



 15. The Internet is essentially ______________________________________________.

  a massive wide area network of billions of computers.

  a big (and I mean huge) space centre in the sky that serves information.

  a collection of billions of web pages, emails, images and instant messages.

  a large computer (super large, the size of a country) that stores all the data and web pages in the world.