04 - Use technology safely

 1. There are absolutely NO health problems associated with the regular use of computers. Computers are 100% safe.



 2. In the work place, it is recommended that computer work stations have which of the following features?
1. Tiltable screens
2. Anti-glare screen filters
3. Adjustable chairs
4. Foot supports, where possible

  2. Anti-glare screen filters only

  All of the items on the list are useful features for safety

  None of the items on the list

  1. Only - Tiltable screens

 3. What condition is being described in the following paragraph?
Eyes can become strained after staring at a computer screen 
for a long time, particularly if working in bad light, 
in glare or with a flickering screen.

  Eye strain

  Eye glare

  Eye cramps

  Eye foot

 4. When working at a computer it is a good idea to __________________________.

  take regular breaks, ideally every 30 minutes

  ensure that you are comfortable enough to work for 3 hours at a time

  never take a break, for as long as possible

  work for as long as possible, ideally 100 minutes at a time without stopping

 5. _______________ is damage to the fingers, wrists and other parts of the body due to repeated movements over a long period of time.

  Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

  Restless Strap Injury (RSI)

  Repeated Stress Inclination (RSI)

  Retained Strain Incompetience (RSI)

 6. To prevent RSI, make sure your posture is correct,________________________ from typing every hour.

  use wrist rests and have a five-minute break

  use wrist cream and try to type for at least one hour

  use wrist rests and try to continue typing for long periods

  use ice for your wrists while typing

 7. Health experts have suggested that ozone emitted from laser printers can lead to breathing problems



 8. ______________ can remove a high percentage of the harmful rays emitted from a computer screen.

  Screen creams

  Computer sun glasses

  Mean Motors

  Screen filters

 9. Lighting must be suitable and blinds fitted to windows to reduce glare.



 10. A fully adjustable chair should avoid poor posture. These type of chairs are sometimes referred to as ___________.