07 - Creating Graphics

 1. Graphics are __________ or designs on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, screen, paper, or stone to inform, illustrate, or entertain

  physical blocks of paint

  visual images


  tools (like paintbrushes)

 2. Making art on a computer is a bit like making art on paper. Instead of paint, pencils or crayons you can use ____________.

  feet and toes

  apps or software

  hands and nails

  computer screens and computer memory

 3. You can make lots of different types of art on a computer. You can draw, paint or play with photographs.



 4. When you use an app on a tablet or smartphone, you can use your _______ like a pen or paint brush and make shapes on the screen





 5. The following butterfly is an example of a graphic in a biology textbook for school.



 6. In the same way we save a word document, we can save graphics. Graphic file formats include, .png, .jpg and _________.

  midge(mini images)


  bmp (bitmap)


 7. Refer to the image below. _______images do not blur when you try to enlarge them, where as raster images would become blurry.





 8. The above effect (the blurring of images) occurs because raster graphics are made up of thousands of tiny _______.





 9. A logo is NOT an example of a graphic as it does not contain real people.



 10. A __________________ would be responsible for manipulating, making or editing images to make cool designs.

  painto drawer

  image retailer

  graphic designer

  drawing doctor