06 - Creating Multimedia

 1. The following is a simple defintiion of multimedia:
Any visual representation that has a combination of audio, video, animation, or graphics.



 2. Some examples of popular multimedia files include the .mp3 audio file, .mp4, video, and avi video, and wmv files.



 3. For a computer to be a multimedia computer, it must meet the MPC standard, which today all computers with a _____________________ meet.

  memory card

  keyboard card

  windows card

  sound card and video card

 4. A multimedia application is interactive software that combines several types of media at once to convey information to an audience. Different types of media that can be used include:
physical human beings
text and images (photographs, illustrations)
audio (music, sounds)

  text only

  All of the options on the list except the first

  audio and video only

  animation only

 5. Multimedia applications have brought about changes to the way people ____________________.


  draw on paper


  learn, work and play

 6. Buttons and animations that allow a user to _______ with the screen are also considered multimedia elements.



  become one


 7. A video on youtube that tells a customer about a certain product would be considered a multimedia product.



 8. The use of __________, sound and video are all examples of the use of multimedia.


  physical cement


  security locks

 9. It is not possible to have multimedia products on a web page.



 10. User _____________ is key in multimedia applications. The user must engage with the product.