03 - Presentation (Power Point)

 1. A Sunday school youth club wishes to present some information to their church about their recent mission trip to Romania. What is the best software to do this?

  Spreadsheet software

  Laser cutting software

  Database software

  Presentation software

 2. What is Microsoft's most popular software for presentations called?

  Microsoft Excellent

  Microsoft Power Point

  Microsoft Presentation

  Microsoft Word

 3. Clicking on design allows you to create a 'style' that is applied to your whole presentation. This is sometimes called:


  house style


  fashion sense

 4. Presentation software usually has _______ and the user will fill these _______ with text and images.



  mouse-like features


 5. Power point software is best used for creating long reports and writing emails.



 6. Which of the following situations would a power point most likely be used?

  To create a visual talk about a new toy to some potential customers

  To create a video game

  To create a long typed report on a school trip

  To create a database to store lots of book information

 7. To view (see) a presentation, which of the following needs to be done?

  Press F8 and click on Home - view

  Press the 'V' key on the keyboard to view the presentation

  Press F5 and go to Draw - See

  Press F5, or go to Slideshow - current slide.

 8. Transitions in power point are _________________________.

  effects that can be applied from one slide going into the next.

  images that move

  types of text fonts

  effects that can be applied to images and text

 9. Animations (refer to the above image) in power point are:

  effects that can be applied from one slide going into the next.

  effects that can be applied to images and text

  types of text fonts

  images that move

 10. Power point is wonderful but you cannot embed videos inside slides. It only allows pictures and text.