03 - Scratch Variables

 1. You can create blocks in Scratch to store numbers or strings. Here, we are using:





 2. These blocks allow for storing and accessing a list of numbers and strings. This programming concept is known as…





 3. What is happening in this block of code?

  None of the above

  the 'score' variable is being set to an initial value of 0

  when the green flag is clicked, everything is deleted (i.e set to zero)

  the program is adding '0'to the value of score

 4. A variable can be thought of as a storage box for values. E.g you can store '12' in the variable age.



 5. What block in scratch is used to create variables



  None of the above


 6. A variable is a value that can never change. Once set, it cannot be altered.



 7. These blocks are examples of _________. They can act on variables.





 8. Can you point out the variable being used in this program?





 9. If you touched Sprite2 seven times what would your score be?





 10. What will the cat 'say' when this script is run?

  Error - this program will not run

  None of the above

  Have a nice day (only)

  Here's some fruit. Have a nice day