10 - Research plus questions #2

 1. Which statement is true of the following HTML code?
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>This is the title of the page.</title>
    <p>This is a paragraph.</p>

  There is one title and no paragraphs as the tags are defined incorrectly

  There is one title, one heading, one body paragraph and one main paragraph

  There is one heading and just one body title.

  There is one title and one paragraph

 2. HTML was made by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (created by Tim Berners Lee)



 3. Tim Berners-Lee (Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee) is the inventor of the World Wide Web



 4. The first web page was available on 6 August 1991.



 5. A feature of the latest standard of HTML5 is the _______ tag which can be used with JavaScript to draw 2D pictures and animations





 6. HTML5 has also included the following as parts of its new features:
A <video> tag for adding videos to a webpage.
A <audio> tag for adding audio, like music or sound effects, 
to a webpage.

Tags for marking common kinds of content, including: 
<footer>, <header>, <nav>, <progress>, <section>, <summary>, <time>



 7. Some features of HTML4 have been left out of HTML5. For example, the "font" tag, which is used to change how text looks on a page, is not available in HTML5



 8. One of the aims of HTML5 is to remove the need to use third-party software like Adobe Flash, because ____________

  third-party add-ons can slow things down and also be prone to viruses and foul play

  third-party add-ons make the internet more secure, but slower.

  third-party add-ons make the internet a little too fast

  third-party add-ons make the users vulnerable to high speeds

 9. CSS and __________are often used in conjunction with HTML to make great looking webpages.





 10. CSS stands for Cool Strand Sheets