09 - Final Test

 1. Scratch is just a simple beginner's website that allows users to cut and paste images and move them around.



 2. There are three main programming constructs. They are: Sequence, Selection and _____________





 3. The following code snippet seeks to find the sum of fractions but it will not work because ______________

  None of the above

  The command 'set total to 0' should be 'set total to 100 instead.

  the code is all in the wrong order. The last block 'change total by 1' should be at the start.

  the n variable will be equal to 0 on the last iteration (loop) and will cause a zero division error

 4. This code updates a variable. It outputs the value of (var1+var2) * var 3



 5. This code contains selection but no iteration.



 6. This method and code snippet illustrates the use of a ________ variable. The result is either 'true' or 'false'

  y axis




 7. A variable can be thought of as a storage box for values. E.g you can store '12' in the variable age.



 8. What block in scratch is used to create variables



  None of the above


 9. A variable is a value that can never change. Once set, it cannot be altered.



 10. Analyse the block of code below. What will it do?

  the sprite will continue moving until the sprite touches orange

  the sprite will only move when it is touching the colour orange

  the sprite will stand still and turn orange

  The sprite will move forever

 11. These two commands in programming are also referred to as:




  variable setting

 12. What will make the Sprite move 10 steps to the right?

  If it touching the mouse

  If it is touching the Edge of the screen

  If it is touching the colour pink

  If it is touching the colour Yellow

 13. The background of the stage is called the___________-


  costume area



 14. Mouse x-y indicates the location of the cursor



 15. Which block allows you to make a variable?





 16. What is the stage?

  The graphical area of a scratch program, where sprites move

  Place where actors stand and perform

  The coding area of a scratch program, where blocks go

  A box you stand on when you can't see over the crowd

 17. An Algorithm is a the same thing as a loop. It means 'repeat'



 18. A message sent through the Scratch program, activating "When I receive ( )" blocks





 19. What will this piece of scratch code do?

  when the right arrow is pressed move the sprite to the right.

  when the left arrow is pressed move the sprite to the left.

  turn the sprite to the left

  turn the sprite to the right.

 20. Look at the forever code block. In relation to this, which statement is correct?

  Makes the code inside loop forever

  will loop forever until the colour 'mustard' is clicked.

  will loop forever until something happens

  makes the code outside loop forever