07 - Scratch Describe #2

 1. In Scratch, for any mathematics related code you would look into the following area:





 2. How many times would this code need to repeat to make a full circle?





 3. The background of the stage is called the___________-



  costume area


 4. Mouse x-y indicates the location of the cursor



 5. Which block allows you to make a variable?





 6. What is the stage?

  A box you stand on when you can't see over the crowd

  The coding area of a scratch program, where blocks go

  Place where actors stand and perform

  The graphical area of a scratch program, where sprites move

 7. An Algorithm is a the same thing as a loop. It means 'repeat'



 8. A message sent through the Scratch program, activating "When I receive ( )" blocks





 9. What will this script do?

  draw random numbers

  draw random colors

  draw random shapes

  draw random colors in random places

 10. What will happen to this sprite when it is clicked?

  It will move 10 step upwards

  10 letter Xs will appear

  It will move 10 steps to the left

  It will grow by 10 percent