06 - Scratch Describe #1

 1. In programming, following a series of steps in order is:


  block design



 2. What word below is closest to the term 'iteration'





 3. The ___________ control the movement of the sprite.





 4. Which direction would point a Sprite up?

  Answer: -10

  Answer: 1

  Answer: 90

  Answer: 0

 5. What do the first two blue blocks in this image demonstrate?

  All of the above




 6. What will this piece of scratch code do?

  turn the sprite to the right.

  when the left arrow is pressed move the sprite to the left.

  turn the sprite to the left

  when the right arrow is pressed move the sprite to the right.

 7. Look at the forever code block. In relation to this, which statement is correct?

  will loop forever until the colour 'mustard' is clicked.

  will loop forever until something happens

  makes the code outside loop forever

  Makes the code inside loop forever

 8. What does this script do?

  the sprite will move left and right, and will change costume

  every half a second the sprite will change costume

  constantly move the sprite left and right for half a second

  the sprite will move up and down, and will change costume

 9. What does this piece of code do?

  It sets the x position of the sprite

  It waits for 2 seconds before moving the sprite to the left

  None of the above

  if the sprite is too far left it will think so!

 10. What does this code snippet do?

  creates a clone of the sprite in a random location.

  creates a clone of the sprite on the location the mouse is clicked

  deletes the sprite and makes a new clone elsewhere.

  deletes a clone of the sprite.