01 - Scratch Basics

 1. What is Scratch?
Note: This video provides an introduction to Scratch. Watching it is optional. 

  A computer screen

  A computer project created by MIT

  A programming "language" (visual) with blocks that can be dragged and dropped

  A website with sprites and motion blocks

 2. What word describes the instructions used to control sprites in Scratch?





 3. What happens if the instruction blocks in Scratch are placed in the wrong order?

  Scratch re-orders them for you

  The program would not work as required

  The program would actually run faster in order to find the order

  The program would be slow

 4. What happens when the green flag is clicked in Scratch?

  The program freezes temporarily

  The program starts

  The program turns green

  The program stops

 5. What two things do all Scratch programs have?

  Scripts and help menus with audio

  At least four sprites

  At least two sprites

  Sprites and scripts

 6. What would you use to change the location of a sprite on the stage in Scratch?


  Stage information

  file' on the menu

  costume tab

 7. Which of these functions can a scratch sprite NOT be programmed to do?

  Move around on the screen

  Play music

  Write a program (that is act as a human)


 8. Which area are the instruction blocks stored in scratch?

  costume tab

  help tab

  blocks palette


 9. Which box changes the background on a Scratch screen?


  scripts area

  Stage information

  help tab

 10. Which area are sprites, sounds and scripts stored in a scratch screen?

  Blocks palette


  Help area