06 - Definitions, Logic, and key concepts

 1. Boolean logic is about storing numbers in OR, AND and NOT gates.
What is Boolean Logic? If this statement 
is not true ensure you can define it



 2. What is the difference between a gate and a circuit?
Gate and a circuit
#1 >> A gate accepts one or more input signals and produces an output signal.  

#2 >> Each type of gate performs one logical function.  

#3 >> A circuit is a combination of gates designed to accomplish a more complex logical function.

#4 >> A gate and a circuit are the same thing

#5 >> Each type of gate can perform multiple (up to 128 million) logical functions.


  1 only



 3. What are the three notational methods for describing the behavior of gates and circuits?

  Boolean expressions, logic diagrams, and truth tables

  CPUs, Computers and Chips

  Voltage, Current and Binary input

  Gates, circuits and transistors

 4. Fill in the blanks: Logic diagrams use a graphical representation to describe the behavior of __________________________

  CPUs and Chips

  RAM and ROM

  gates and circuits

  Voltage and Current

 5. Fill in the blanks: Truth tables define the behavior of gates and circuits by showing all _______________________

  voltage currents

  binary inputs

  possible combinations of binary sequences

  possible input and output combinations of the gates and circuits.

 6. True or False: A gate can accept one or more input signals, but can produce only a single output value.`



 7. Which of the following is NOT a gate:





 8. For the boolean expression: : X = NOT A what is the input and what is the output?

  A is the input signal and X is the output

  A and X are both the input and the output

  A and X are both input signals only

  A is the output signal and X is the input

 9. What type of gate takes a binary input value and inverts it.





 10. What is used in a gate to establish how the input values map to the output value?

  A voltage signal

  A transistor

  A binary bit

  A gate

 11. What does this describe?
Depending on the voltage of an input signal, a transistor either acts as a wire that conducts electricity or as a resister that blocks the flow of electricity.

  The behaviour of bit patterns

  The behaviour of the CPU

  The behaviour of a transistor

  The behaviour of logic gates

 12. Transistors are made of semiconductor material, which is neither a good conductor of electricity nor a particularly good insulator. Transistors are usually made from silicon



 13. If an electric signal is grounded, the signal flows through an alternative route to the ground where it can do no harm. When a signal is grounded it is pulled down to ______volts.





 14. An AND gate and an OR gate both require two transistors. What about a NOT gate?





 15. What is the boolean expression for a three-input OR gate

  X = ABC

  X = A . B . C

  A . B . C = X

  X = A + B + C