11 - Validation

 1. For the following python code, what would happen if the user entered '303'
def check_input(min, max):
    prompt = "Enter an integer number between %d and %d: " % (min, max)
    value = int(input(prompt))
    while (value < min or value > max):
        value = int(input(prompt))
    return value


  It would print the number 303

  It would print: "Enter an integer number between 1 and 100:" to prompt the user again

  It would accept the input as it is a valid number

  It would ask the user if the number was greater than or less than 1 or a 100

 2. Validation is an automatic computer check to ensure that the _________________________. It does not check the accuracy of data

  data entered is string only

  data entered is correct and exact

  data entered is only numeric

  data entered is sensible and reasonable

 3. A secondary school student is likely to be aged between 11 and 16. Validation would accept numbers between 11 and 16.

  This is a presence check

  This is a range check.

  This is a string input check

  This is a format check

 4. A field has been validated to accept numbers between 1 to 100. An input of 3 would be…


  None of the above

  accepted only if the individual's age is 3 (and denied if not)

  accepted as it is valid data

 5. What is the name of the following type of validation?
looks up acceptable values in a table

  Spell check

  check digit

  look up table / drop down menu

  presence check

 6. Analyse the following code and explain what it will do if the user enters the word 'age'
def inputNumber(message):
  while True:
       userInput = int(input(message))       
    except ValueError:
       print("Not an integer! Try again.")
       return userInput 
age = inputNumber("How old are you?")

  It will reject the data without providing a message

  It will present the message: "How old are you?" again

  It will accept it as valid input

  It will ask the user to enter a higher number

 7. In the following code, on what line is the validation occuring and what is it doing?
def main():
   number=input("Enter a number:")
   if number.isdigit():
     print("Valid input - thank you")

  Line 3 - it is checking to ensure that the entered data is a digit

  None of the above

  Line 6 - It will print "Invalid" if the data input is invalid and is a number

  Line 4 - it is checking to see that the entered data is text or numeric only

 8. In this incredibly simplistic email validation code, what could you add to line 3 to check for an @ sign?
def main():
   email=input("Enter an email:")
   #what could you add here to check for an @ sign
     print("Valid email - thank you")
    print("Invalid email - no @ sign!")

  if an @ sign in email then:

  for @ in emails:

  if "@" in email:

  if @ found in email:

 9. Range check: Checking if a number entered is between two numbers is an example of validation. True or False?



 10. This code uses regular expressions for validation. What would the output/result be if the input is: "ssdf"?
import re 
def main():
          password= input("Create a password : ")
          x = True #random variable x which is set to TRUE
          while x:  #while x is TRUE,then run the following which is in the loop
              if (len(password)<6 or len(password)>12): #if password not between 6 and 12 exit loop
                  break #exit the WHILE LOOP
              elif not"[a-z]",password): #if password doesn't contain one lowercase letter
                  print("You need at least one lower case letter")
              elif not"[0-9]",password): #if pasword doesn't contain numbers
                  print("You need at least one number")
              elif not"[A-Z]",password): #if password doesn't contain upper case letter
              elif not"[$#@]",password): #if password doesn't contain character
              elif"\s",password): #if contains blank space
                  print("Valid Password")
                  x=False #Valid password has been created, so set x to False and exit the loop

          if x: #note this is outside the while loop (so the code jumps to it, if BREAK is typed inside the loop
              print("Not a Valid Password")


  No digits allowed

  Not a Valid Password followed by Create a Password:

  Create a new password please

  Valid Password