07 - Ethernet, WI-FI and FTP

 1. An …………………….is one of the most common forms of network cable used on wired networks. An ………………………….. connects devices within a LAN

  WI-FI cable

  FTP cable

  Ethernet cable

  None of the above

 2. thernet cables resembles a phone cable but is tiny (much much smaller) and features far fewer wires





 3. Ethernet is a family of protocols responsible for sending and receiving data along a network cable



 4. The reason that it is a family of protocols as opposed to just one is because….

  Ethernet works over a range of data speeds

  IBM devised Ethernet and their philosophy is 'more is better'

  None of the above

  Competing companies have created different protocols which are not compatible with each other

 5. Ethernet is the most common protocol used for…

  setting up a MODEM to connect to the internet

  setting up a SMTP server to send messages

  putting together a local area network (LAN)

  creating cables that are primiarly made of stainless steel

 6. The Ethernet protocol is in several parts: Specifying HARDWARE, describing DATA FORMAT and …

  None of the above

  how to deal with data collisions

  how to deal with sending email messages

  how to deal with waves of data that do not arrive at the correct IP

 7. FTP is a 'file transfer protocol' used to upload and download files between a client and server on a network. An example of FTP software is:


  Microsoft Word

  Facebook Messenger

  Gmail (Email messaging)

 8. FTP may run in active or passive mode. Passive mode is used …
Useful note
FTP login uses normal username and password scheme for granting access.
The username is sent to the server using the USER command, and the password 
is sent using the PASS command. This sequence is unencrypted "on the wire", 
so may be vulnerable to a network sniffing attack. If the information 
provided by the client is accepted by the server, the server will send a 
greeting to the client and the session will commence. If the server 
supports it, users may log in without providing
login credentials, but the same server may authorize only 
limited access for such sessions

  in situations where the client is incredibly lazy

  in situations where the client is behind a firewall and unable to accept incoming TCP connections

  in situations where the client is a security risk to the entire network and most likely a hacker

  in situations where the client machine is far too active and overheating

 9. Read the following excerpt on Wi-Fi and fill in the blanks.
Wireless Fidelity, more known by its short form Wi-Fi, is a digital communications protocol, 
through which gadgets can communicate with each other in a unicast or a 
broadcasting manner ......................................................

  without using wires

  while using only the slimmest of wires

  using only fibre optic cables that cannot be seen

  without using computers or any type of signal whatsoever

 10. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both stand as wireless communication protocols but one difference is that Bluetooth has a greater operating range than Wi-Fi



 11. Fill in the blanks
Wi-Fi operational range depends on factors such as the ______________, radio 
power output, receiver sensitivity, antenna gain and antenna type as 
well as the modulation technique. In addition, propagation characteristics 
of the signals can have a big impact.

  None of the above

  cloud storage capacity

  frequency band

  ethernet cable colour

 12. Fill in the blanks for the three types of standard hardware devices necessary for Wi-Fi.
Since early 2000's manufacturers are building wireless network adapters into most laptops. 
The price of chipsets for Wi-Fi continues to drop, making it an economical networking option 
included in even more devices.

Standard Hardware devices (for Wi-fi)
A 1...................... connects a group of wireless devices to 
an adjacent wired LAN. 
An access point resembles a network hub, relaying data between connected 
wireless devices in addition to a (usually) single connected wired device, 
most often an Ethernet hub or switch, allowing wireless devices to communicate 
with other wired devices.

2.......................... allow devices to connect to a wireless network. 
These adapters connect to devices using various external or internal 
interconnects such as PCI, miniPCI, USB, ExpressCard, Cardbus and PC Card. 
As of 2010, most newer laptop computers come equipped with built in internal adapters.

3........................ integrate a Wireless Access Point, Ethernet switch, and
 internal router firmware application that provides IP routing, NAT, and 
DNS forwarding through an integrated WAN-interface

  1. wireless access point (WAP), 2. wireless adapaters 3. wireless routers

  1. wireless adapters 2. wireless access point 3. wireless routers

  1. wireless hubs 2. wireless cables 3. wireless monitors

  1. wireless phones 2. wireless cords 3. wireless mounts

 13. Wireless network bridges connect a wired network to a wireless network



 14. Wireless range-extenders or wireless repeaters can extend the range of an existing wireless network



 15. Wi-Fi has not replaced wired networks because of certain limitations that include:

  They are around only half the speed of a wired network (at best)

  All of the above

  They are only a limited amount of channels that can be used at one time within a Wi-fi network

  They are not as fast

 16. Wi-Fi includes built in methods of making a network secure for example ….

  None of the above

  turning on WPA or WEP to allow only authorised users to connect

  Using encryption methods that make it impossible for anyone to connect

  Using hotspots that are available to all

 17. Wi-Fi Protected Access encryption (WPA2) is considered secure, even if a strong passphrase is not used (e.g. a single letter will suffice)



 18. Wireless access technologies are commonly divided into categories, based on speed and distance



 19. Wi-Fi most commonly uses the 2.4 gigahertz (12 cm) UHF and 5.8 gigahertz (5 cm) SHF ISM radio ______, these _____ are subdivided into multiple channels





 20. To connect to a Wi-Fi LAN, a computer has to be equipped with a …………………

  wireless network interface controller.

  wireless hotspot PIN

  wireless phone attachment

  wireless PIN