13 - UML

 1. UML stands for ________________-

  Universal Middle Language

  Unified Modelling Language

  Uniform Morse Language

  None of the above

 2. UML is a _____________________for diagramming the requirements, actions and physical distribution of software systems.

  visual technique

  coding technique

  high level coding technique

  systems life cycle technique

 3. In the mid 1990's, there were several popular object-oriented diagramming methods. Fortunately, each of their proponents agreed to develop a new system and standard that has the best qualities of all of them



 4. There are different types of UML diagrams. Use Cases represent the the types of people (_____) that will be using the software
It also indicates what the people will be doing





 5. What are the different interaction diagrams UML has?

  All of the mentioned

  Communication diagrams

  Sequence diagrams

  Interaction overview diagrams

 6. Here an association between a and b has been shown. If there is no arrow on the line, the association is taken to be _____________________. A unidirectional association is indicated like this

  not existing

  fully directional

  None of the above


 7. The special association of a car to its compoment parts is known as aggegration. If b aggregates a, then a is a part of b, but their ______________________________
Objects are often made up of other objects.
Cars are made up of steering wheels, engines, 
transmissions and so forth. 

Key point: Each of these components may be 
an object in its own right.

  life times are dependent: if one is deleted, the others are deleted

  None of the above

  lifetimes are independent: if one is deleted the other still exists

  lifetimes are co-existent. They cannot exist without each other

 8. f you were modeling a person, the lifetime of the heart and lungs would be directly controlled by the lifetime of the aggregating person.We call this special relationship _______________
Composition is shown by a black diamond on the end of 
association next to the composite class. If b is composed 
of a, then b controls the lifetime of a.


  dependency notation

  object orientattion

  indepdendent objectation

 9. The following UML diagram shows ________________and we can conclude that some animals are mammals and some are reptiles.





 10. The diagram below shows an example of __________________________. The two base classes are unrelated in this case.

  None of the above

  multiple inheritance

  multi-level inheritance

  single inheritance

 11. It is good practice to remember that inheritance should model is-a relationships and aggegration should model has-a relationships.
Is a car a steering wheel? Clearly not. 

A car is not a specialization of these things; 
it’s an aggregation of these things. 

A car has a steering wheel, it has doors and it has tires



 12. In the following diagram, a hotel management system is shown. The + symbols are:

  public attributes or methods (public access)

  private attributes (limited access)

  general methods

  protected attributes or methods

 13. Look closely at the diagram. The attributes are shown in the middle section. What goes in the bottom section?
The standard class diagram is composed of three sections:

Upper section: 
Contains the name of the class. 
This section is always required, whether you are talking 
about the classifier or an object.

Middle section: 
Contains the attributes of the class. 
Use this section to describe the qualities of the class. 
This is only required when describing a specific instance of a class.

Bottom section: 

  Includes class operations (methods). The operations describe how a class interacts with data.

  general methods

  public attributes or methods (public access)

  Includes additional class attributes.

 14. What is an example of a method in this diagram?


  public attributes or methods (public access)


  general methods

 15. Aggregation is demonstrated between Customer and Account (Customer -has an -account). This means, if a customer account is deleted ______________

  the customer will also be deleted

  the customer will be duplicated in another class

  general methods

  public attributes or methods (public access)

 16. UML was set up as one of the many hundreds of models to describe an object-oriented programming approach



 17. Since classes are the building block of objects, ___________ are the building blocks of UML

  None of the above

  UML cards

  class diagrams

  object blocks

 18. UML is a pictorial language used to make software blueprints
A picture is worth a thousand words, this idiom absolutely fits describing UML. Object-oriented concepts were introduced much earlier than UML



 19. UML diagrams are not only made for developers but also for business users, common people, and anybody interested to understand the system



 20. UML is not a programming language but tools can be used to generate code in various languages using UML diagram