01 - Introduction to Boolean Logic

 1. Logic is the foundation on which a computer system is built internally. Bits are switched __________________ using the binary 1's and 0's. In Boolean Logic, these translate into T (true) and F (false) statements.
Boolean Logic is considered the very basis of computing. 

  forward and backward

  up and down


  on and off

 2. George Boole was a largely self-taught English mathematician, philosopher and logician and is best known as the ______________

  founder of the Binary (two digit) language

  creator of the Boolean Von Neumann circuit used in modern CPUs

  philosopher that asked questions about the nature of the universe and relativity

  author of The Laws of Thought (1854) which contains Boolean algebra

 3. The keyword Bool represents a Boolean datatype in many programming languages and is named after George Boole.
Note: Boolean variables can be either 'True'(1) or 'False'(0)



 4. This video, a trailer for a documentary celebrating the bicentenary of his birth on November 2, ___________ hints at how his radical discovery underpins the digital age



  40 BC (Before Christ)


 5. In Boolean Logic you start off with the idea that some statement P is either________________________, it can’t be anything in between (this called the law of the excluded middle

  True or False

  Data based on non-data based

  Excluded or Included

  Metallic or Non Metallic

 6. The fundamental operators in Boolean logic are the operators And, Or and Not. (there are others too)



 7. For example, if P is true then Not(P) is false which is like saying:

  if "today is Monday" is true then "Not(today is Monday)" is also true

  if "today is Monday" is false then "Not(today is Monday)" could be either true or false

   if “today is Monday” is true then “Not(today is Monday)” is false.

  if "today is Monday" is false then "Not(today is Monday)" is also false

 8. Boolean logic reflects the binary logic of logic gates and transistors in a computer's CPU. (The video below provides a nice intro)
The early designers of computers quickly realised that logic can be used within a computer to work out problems. (because computer data is either 1(True) or 0(False)



 9. One of the most recent uses of Boolean logic is in search engines



 10. To understand how boolean logic works in practice, you need to know and understand the working of the different……

  states of being


  logic gates

  algebraic laws