17 - Port forwarding

 1. Port forwarding basically allows your computer to become accessible over the internet even though you are behind a ______________
Video: Port Forwarding




  binary sequence

 2. NAT sorts out the majority of problems when it comes to granting each computer its own unique IP address on a network.



 3. Two important items in local port forwarding are the ________________, and two port numbers.

  switching hub

  destination server

  client IP address


 4. Ports allow computers to exchange data directly between each other without the need for a complex translation step that would increase the latency of the connection.



 5. Port forwarding is similar to Network Address Translation but _______________________________

  it operates on the port level.

  it operates at the PC (CPU) level

  it operates inside the DNS

  it operates on the ISP level

 6. In online games, a user has the ability to create an online server for other people to connect to. It is safer to enable _________.

  ISP switching

  None of the above

  port forwarding

  router installation

 7. In the case of online games and setting up your own gaming server - users would not be able to connect to the network and access your files/server unless you explicitly configured your router to accept incoming requests.



 8. Most online gaming Applications will require you to configure port forwarding on your ____________.


  mobile phone (via WI-FI)

  home router

  personal device

 9. Before you setup port forwarding you will need to configure a static address for the Internal device.



 10. To connect to the forwarded port from the Internet you will need to know the _________________________ and the Port number that has been forwarded.

  internal IP and domain name

  external IP address of the Router

  external domain name and socket no.

  internal IP address of the gaming device

 11. For port forwarding, using an IP address instead of a domain name is ________________.

  slow as it requires processing the IP address numbers

  not very convenient but this is the agreed standard

  less secure

  very convenient as an IP address is easier to remember than a web address

 12. When using port forwarding, it is a good idea to consider using ____________________

  dynamic DNS

  no router at all

  at least two different internal IP addrresses with a backup ISP

  two routers

 13. How do you know what port you need to forward?

  You would always use the internet port 8080

  You would use the FTP port - 21.

  You could pick a port at random

  You would need to know which port the service was using

 14. Port forwarding can be divided into the following specific types: local, remote, and dynamic port forwarding.



 15. By using local port forwarding, ___________ that block certain pages can be bypassed.


  routing sequences


  domain name servers