14 - Public and private IP addresses

 1. Public IP addresses are assigned by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) who distribute numbers to localised registrars, who then ________________

  assign numbers to individual users/companies

  assign individual DNS (Domain name servers) to each individual

  assign an ISP to each home

  None of the above

 2. It is important that every IP address on the internet is ______________, otherwise routers would not know where to send packets.

  manually configured/written on to a router

  linked to a port and socket at the same time

  not the same


 3. Each router can be assigned a public IP address.



 4. Your router acts as a 'middle man' every time you connect to the internet. it is responsible for the __________________________________________

  each individual's personal security

  packet traffic going in and out of your home network

  DNS working, and assigning an IP address to a domain

  port and socket security

 5. The router can help add a layer of protection and is a way of controlling the number of applied IP addresses. Fill in the blanks
If every computer was assigned its very own IP address, the world would have run out of IP addresses years ago.  With _________________ the distribution of packets is taken over by a network router. 

  protected and DNS addresses

  routable IP addresses

  non-routable addresses

  individual addresses (e.g. postal addresses)

 6. IANA has specified certain IP addresses as ____________. These are for local networks that are not connected directly to the Internet.





 7. To connect a LAN using these private addresses to the Internet, a _____________ must be used.

  switch, with IPS connectivity

  Domain name server, with at least 10 unique domain names

  public IP with a port of 80 or 21

  router with network address translation (NAT)

 8. _______________ universally tend to use NAT to work out where incoming packets are supposed to end up.

  Mainfrrame computers

  Home routers

  Public Switches

  Domain Name Servers

 9. NAT is also used to change outgoing packets so that they appear to be coming from the ______________________ of the router

  private IP address

  private port

  public IP address

  Internet service provider

 10. Take the following analogy: Royal Mail send post to the address of a company's office block, and then the internal post works out which office to send it to. Which statement is true?

  None of these options apply

  The office block is the public IP address and the individual office is the private IP address

  Both the office block and the individual office are the public IP address

  The office block is the private IP address and the individual office is the public IP address