04 - IP and MAC Addresses

 1. An IP address should be a value ____________ so that packets can be communicated over a network between devices, otherwise an IP conflict will occur.
IP conflicts occur as packets are distributed randomly between devices with the same IP address. 

  that is the same as at least four other devices

  unique to a device

  that is exactly 256 characters long

  that is no longer than 2 characters

 2. All IP addresses are made up of ___________ seperated by dots representing a ___________binary address.

  two quadrants/ 64-bit

  four quandrants / 128-bit

  two quadants / 256-bit

  four quadrants / 32-bit

 3. Which of the following is a valid IP address?




 4. An analogy: Liken an IP address to your home address, and the fact that an address has a _________________
IP addresses on a network will have the same ______________________ (keeping with the analogy)

  unique hexadecimal key door bell

  county and city part

  None of the above

  dedicated postman that is allocated a number (from 1 to 100)

 5. Imagine there was a local company that had three devices. A server, a computer and a printer. If the IP addresses are as follows, what are the first three quadrants called?

  host address

  city address

  device address

  county address

 6. The final quadrant in this example is for ___________________________

  the device itself

  the DNS server

  None of the above

  the host IP address

 7. IP addresses have different 'classes', Class A are in the last range of octet values e.g. 192-223.



 8. The two standards of IP address that are in use today are revisions of the original Internet Protocol and are IPv4 and IPv6



 9. IPV4 is the 32-bit address that everyone is familiar with. This means that there are 2 to the power of 32 addresses available and then we run out!



 10. The move to IPv6 is inevitable - it is different in that it has a ________________________________

  2-bit address, which limits the pool of available addresses

  256 bit address which provides plenty of options

  128-bit address which will increase the pool of available IP addresses

  1000-bit address, which sets humanity up for the next billion years.

 11. MAC addresses are a unique ____________ that all network interfaces have in order to communicate with a network.

  6-byte identifier

  64-bit identifier

  128-bit identifier

  12-byte identifier

 12. The MAC address is assigned to every device by the ____________________ and unlike an IP address of network mask, it cannot be changed once assigned.

  DNS server


  individual owner of the machine (the purchaser)


 13. The MAC address is used by the media access controller in the _____________ of the TCP/IP model

  application layer

  protocol layer

  transport layer

  link layer

 14. All MAC addresses on a network are kept in a ____________________________.

  table by the router, for the network.

  internet layer protocol

  IPS (Internet service provider)

  DNS server

 15. The router table assigns the MAC addresses with an available subnet address so that the packets are sent/received accurately