08 - Organisation of Domain names

 1. A domain name is the same thing as an ISP



 2. Domain names provide the ………………..that is entered into the navigation bar of the browser

  bit patterns




 3. A domain name server / service will…..

  delete the IP address that is entered into the URL bar

  return the specific IP address of a given domain name

  None of the above

  find the corresponding bit pattern that is entered into the browser

 4. The domain name has absolutely no 'hierarchy'



 5. In the domain name the 'com' identifies the top-level part of the domain name.



 6. The 'com' usually refers to …

  the type of person that owns the domain name (e.g. rich)

  The type of ISP that is providing the internet to that domain

  the type of organisation that owns the domain name (e.g. commercial and perhaps not non profit)

  the type of bit pattern associated with tht e DNS server

 7. The 'facebook' part of the domain is known as the fourth level domain.



 8. The 'facebook' part of the domain is a unique word identifier for a particular IP address.



 9. The 'www' part of the domain name provides the…

  the name of the DNS server

  basis for dealing with any individual connected to the net

  foundation for the internet

  name of the host server at the address which deals with internet requests

 10. It is possible to have ________________that fall in the hierarchy between the secondary and server part of the address; for example:

  listed indexes

  home pages

  pictures on the www