07 - FQDN, Domain name, IP address

 1. Internet registries and registrars hold records of all existing website names and the details of those domains that are available to buy



 2. Internet registries also allocate ………………….. and keep track of which addresses a domain nae is associated with as part of the DNS

  MAC addresses

  None of the above

  DNS addresses

  IP addresses

 3. A domain name ………………………………..that an internet resource resides in.
Video: What is an IP address and subnet

  identifies the area or domain

  None of the above

  identifies the physical human being

  identifies the router or bridge

 4. Domain names are structured into a hierarchy of smaller domains and written as a string seperated by full stops as dictated by the rules of the _________________.

  Router Bridge System (RBS)

  None of the above

  ISP (Internet Service Provider)

  Domain Name System (DNS)

 5. Each domain name has one or more …………………………………

  None of the above

  equivalent IP addresses

  ISP providers

  DNS servers

 6. The DNS catalogues all domain names and IP addresses in a series of global directories that domain name servers can access in order to find ………………

  the correct individual that lives at the relevant ISP

  None of the above

  the correct DNS server for a resource

  the correct IP address location for a resource

 7. When a webpage is requested using the URL a user enters, the browser requests the ……………………………from a local DNS.
Note: Video on DNS and FQDN

  None of the above

  relevant DNS server

  relevant email address

  corresponding IP address

 8. If the DNS does not have the correct IP address, the search is ……

  None of the above

  extended up the hierarchy to another larger DNS database.

  passed on to the individual who wishes to connect

  ended immediately

 9. It is true that a webpage can be accessed within a browser by entering the ______________ if it is known.

  DNS server address

  IP address

  email address

  ISP mail address

 10. FQDN stands for:

  Fully Quilted Domain Number

  Fully Qualified Domain Name

  Filtered Quality DNS Number

  Fully Queried Domain Number

 11. A FQDN is one that …..

  could be written as: or

  includes the host server and it depends whether the resource requested is hosted on the web or FTP server

  includes the host server name, for example www, mail or FTP

  All of the above are valid

 12. An IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique address that …..

  similar, as an analogy, to a home mailing address

  is assigned to a network device.

  All of the above are valid

  indicates where a packet of data is to be sent or has been sent from.

 13. If a domain name is associated with a specific IP address, the IP address is the address of the server that the website resides on.



 14. When a router is connected to the internet, the IP address of the port connecting it must be registered with the internet registry because…..

  the IP address needs only to be unique within the home network

  this IP address needs to tbe same as at least 10 others

  this IP address must be unique over the whole internet

  None of the above

 15. The network layer in the OSI model is sometimes called the IP layer or Internet layer (it adds the source and destination IP address)