01 - What is the Internet

 1. The Internet is…

  a global satellite system

  a massive data centre in the Californian desert

  a software package

  a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP)

 2. The world wide web (www) is another word for the Internet.



 3. The world wide web is…

  a collection of documents and files identified by URLs and accessible via the Internet

  an old name for the Internet

  an Internet search engine

  a brand name for the Internet

 4. How are most computers connected between Europe and North America?

  By radio transmitters

  By cables under the ocean

  By microwave transmitters

  By satellite

 5. An estimated 70% of all Internet traffic passes through the small town of Ashburn in the USA.



 6. Who governs the Internet?

  The United Nations

  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  A committee of experts

  Each constituent network sets its own policies

 7. What was the first network to implement the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP)?





 8. Public use of the Internet began in 1989 when email became available.



 9. What does DNS stand for?

  Domain Name System

  Detailed Normal Signal

  Derivative Nominal Structure

  Do Not Switch

 10. Approximately how many Internet domain names had been registered by 2017?

  330 million

  230 million

  13 million

  130 million

 11. The ARPANET (based in the US) was predominantly used for research purposes, connecting research institutions, including UK universities.



 12. In the 1970s ARPA funded other networks and tried to unite them. The limits of the initial network to 63 nodes and 252 hosts was reached and this is when the …

  TCP/IP was created and used. This protocol is still the main link between networks in the internet today.

  TCP / IP Protocol was created

  All of the above statements are true.

  The TCP/IP protocol that allows different networks to talk to each other was brought in

 13. As the internet consists of many different networks interlinking with each other, the internet has no central structure or governing body.



 14. The WWW (world wide web) is a system of interlinked hypertext documents (web pages) accessed via the internet.
It is not the same thing as the internet. 



 15. The WWW is accessed through a ………………. and was invented by a British computer scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

  web browser linking files together using hyperlinks

  DNS server linking files together using ASCII code

  Internet Provider linking files and pages together with a browser-sticky.

  ASCII server linking files together via email.

 16. Ever wondered how the internet worked? It works using a method called…

  packet switching

  server switching

  internet switching

  router switching

 17. To get from one device to another, __________need to travel through network adapters, switches, routers and network nodes.


  information converted into English words

  data packets

  information encrypted as ASCII codes

 18. During the 2011 Arab Spring, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya tried to stop their citizens from getting information from the outside world. They tried to switch the internet off!



 19. To search for Google's IP address, for example, you'd type tracert into Command Prompt. What is an IP address?

  None of the above

  a physical address which includes a post code that is assigned by the country's mail system

  a numerical label that is assigned to the big players (e.g. google and facebook) only

   numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol

 20. Domain name is a humanly-memorable name for internet participants such as computers, networks, and services. One domain name can be connected to multiple IP addresses
e.g. or