04 - Cipher, plain text, ciphertext

 1. Encryption is the process of encoding information so that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorised person.



 2. Encryption protects information by making it …





 3. The original information, before encryption, is known as …





 4. Encrypted information is known as …





 5. The algorithm used to encrypt the information is known as a …





 6. The algorithm will use a key to encrypt and decrypt information.



 7. The key is usually a …

  series of pixels

  large number

  physical metal key

   cover to hide the data

 8. The encrypted information could be decrypted without the key but this would take a computer an extremely long time.



 9. Security is improved by using a longer key.



 10. Is the information (pictured) more likely to be a plaintext, ciphertext or key?


  none of these options