03 - Source code and object code

 1. Which of the following is a feature of source code?

  It must be readable by the CPU

  It will use the language in which the program was originally written

  It must have been compiled

  It must be machine code

 2. Source code is usually written in machine code.



 3. Source code can be written in a …

  text editor

  data maker

  script prompter

  instruction writer

 4. Object code is produced by a …

  secondary storage device

  computer program

  random number generator


 5. A program written in C is an example of object code.



 6. A .exe file would contain source code.



 7. Commercial software developers usually want to keep the '___' '___' confidential.

  design layout

  object code

  program name

  source code

 8. It is easy to work out the original source code from object code in binary.



 9. Why is it more difficult to protect source code that is converted into bytecode object code?

  The bytecode will be identical to the source code

  It is easier to work out the source code from the bytecode than from machine code

  The source code will not be sufficiently complex

  It is impossible to keep the source code confidential

 10. Source code is sometimes kept by a third party in …