10 - Virtual Machines

 1. A virtual machine _____ another computer system. This means that one system can behave like another.





 2. Virtual machines can also be used to run the same ________ (also known as intermediate code) on different computer systems.





 3. The operating system (OS) actually running on the computer is usually referred to as the ____ OS.





 4. Any operating system (OS) running on a virtual machine is usually referred to as a ____ OS.





 5. Which of these options are advantages of virtual machines?
1. Programs will run faster on a virtual machine.
2. You don't necessarily have to buy more than one computer to run software written for different systems.
3. Virtual machines provide greater protection against viruses. 
4. Disaster recovery is usually easier.
5. Normal rules on copying and using software don't apply if the software is run on a virtual machine.

  2, 3 and 4

  2, 3, 4 and 5

  1, 2 and 5

  All of these options

 6. A single computer system can only run one virtual machine.



 7. One of the most commonly used virtual machines for reading intermediate code is the …

  Java Virtual Machine

  Javascript Virtual Machine

  Python Emulator

  Lemon Emulator

 8. Another example of a virtual machine, used for the .NET Framework, is the …

  Common Language Runtime

  Polyglot Platform

  Virtual Dual Machine

  VB Emulator

 9. Single-board computers such as the Raspberry PI can be used to run retro games on virtual machines.



 10. What does VPS stand for?

  Virtual Priority Service

  Verified Private System

  Vertical Public System

  Virtual Private Server