07 - BIOS

 1. What does BIOS stand for?

  Best Initialisation Of System

  Broad Initial Operating System

  Bedrock Input Or Stop

  Basic Input Output System

 2. The BIOS is part of the operating system.



 3. The BIOS is usually stored in …

  a hard disk

  a CD-ROM

  a BIOS chip


 4. When the computer is switched on, the power supply sends a _______ ______ signal to the CPU.

  boot startup

  wakeup chip

  BIOS boot

  hardware reset

 5. The CPU executes an instruction in the BIOS chip to start the BIOS boot program. This is known as a ____ command.





 6. The BIOS then checks the hardware is working properly. This is known as POST, which stands for …

  Primary Or Secondary Test

  Power On Self-Test

  Prime Or System Terminal

  Practical Operating System Test

 7. How does the BIOS indicate if there are any errors at this stage?

  By screen colour

  By text prompt

  By a print out

  By beeps

 8. The BIOS then looks for _____ _______ and runs any BIOS programs in these.

  operating systems

  CPU cores

  spare registers

  internal peripherals (e.g. the hard disk)

 9. Finally the BIOS looks for a drive to ____ the operating system (OS).





 10. Which program takes over from the BIOS and places the OS into memory?

  The program manager

  The boot loader

  The user login

  The start launcher