02 - Purpose of Operating Systems

 1. An operating system is an example of system software.



 2. What does an operating system manage?

  The hardware and all other software

  The amount of time the user can spend on the computer

  The health of the user

  The environment around the user

 3. The operating system is loaded onto a computer by what type of program?

  A primary program

  A tertiary program

  A boot program

  An initialisation program

 4. The core of an operating system is known as the kernel.



 5. An operating system manages _____ and these _____ are often shared among the various programs that want to use them.





 6. Which of these options are allocated by the operating system?
1. Processors
2. Memory
3. I/O devices

  None of them

  1 and 2

  All of them

  1 and 3

 7. One of the earliest operating systems was the Atlas Supervisor. When was it commissioned?





 8. The most used desktop operating system in the world is …



  Microsoft Windows


 9. The most used mobile operating system in the world is …





 10. Which of these terms refers to a family of operating systems with similar design?